The ways in which we eat and produce our food are unsustainable from both environmental and public health perspectives. We need to see a drastic and inspirational shift in the world’s food system.

This year, the competitors in Bocuse d’Or, which bills itself as the most prestigious gastronomic competition in the world, had to compete with a vegan dish – “composed exclusively of fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds, or legumes” for the first time. The Swedish Chef of the Year competition required chefs to create a vegetarian appetizer, also for the first time…

Read EAT-Lancet Commission supporting author Line Gordon’s opinion piece in Re.Think


Pass the cauliflower. Swedish chef Mathias Dahlgren opened Rutabaga, a fine-dining vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm’s Grand Hotel. Copyright: Bobo Ohlsson, Creative Commons and courtesy of Grand Hotel.

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