The EAT-Lancet Commission for Food, Planet and Health launched in June 2016 to provide the first systematic analysis of the global food system and provide policy-makers with a roadmap for how transformation of the food system can help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Climate Agreement.

A post on EAT’s website says:

An international team of scientists has begun work to assess whether transformation of the global food system is possible in order to deliver healthy and sustainable diets to feed a growing world population. The EAT-Lancet Commission, which consists of 20 world-renowned scientists, kicked off their work in Stockholm on June 11th and 12th prior to the EAT Stockholm Food Forum.

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Collaboration between EAT and the prestigious medical journal has been developing for several years. In 2014, Richard Horton, editor in chief of The Lancet and member of the EAT Advisory Board, explained why he thinks EAT’s goal of integrating discussions on food, planet and health is essential:

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