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EAT-Lancet Commissioners work in countries across the globe. We are presenting stories based on their research, showing the global impact of healthy food from sustainable diets.

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Food Solutions

In EAT, we like to say that food can fix it. But how? Bringing healthy and sustainable diets to communities across the world isn’t just a matter of knowledge and rigorous science. We also need good, tailored solutions. EAT-Lancet Commissioners, EAT’s programs and projects, and our scientific collaborators, all have insights into on-the-ground food solutions, which we’re sharing with this series on food solutions.

Some food solutions will be local and very specific to the context they operate in. These might be implemented by food producers with little extra technology or capital. Other solutions might need to be implemented at massive scales, across countries and food systems.

The goal with this series is to highlight food solutions at all scales, from small and simple to truly complex. All these solutions have one thing in common: They take on the health and environment challenges the current food system is creating, to improve human dietary health and the health of the planet’s ecosystems. They prove that food can fix it.


1. Bringing back India’s Forgotten Foods: The double benefits for health and sustainability

Text, photos and recipes from India’s forgotten food resurgence. Created by the EAT-Lancet Commission with Centre for Science and Environment India. 

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Upcoming impact stories: 

FReSH: How food business can change the game for health and sustainability


India: Bringing back Forgotten Foods

In India, CSE Director and EAT-Lancet Commissioner Sunita Narain is working to bring back what she calls “forgotten foods” – arguing that the solution to some of our biggest environmental and nutritional problems lies in reversing a collective loss of memory about nature, taste and food.

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